Jorge Luis Sierra Coordinator

Jorge Luis Sierra

ICFJ Knight Fellow Jorge Luis Sierra is a Mexican journalist and an expert on cyber security. He focuses on the intersection of digital security, technology and investigative journalism. During his Knight Fellowship, Sierra is developing digital security tools and crowd-sourced maps to track crime, corruption and attacks on journalists.

An award-winning Mexican investigative reporter and editor, he has covered a range of conflict-related topics such as drug trafficking, organized crime, counterinsurgency and gangs before he joined ICFJ.

He also covered the war in Iraq in 2003. He co-founded the Mexican Commission for the Defense and Promotion of Human Rights and has been a consultant for the Human Rights Center Miguel Agustin Pro in Mexico.

Sierra studied international journalism at the University of Southern California; defense policy and economics at the Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies, National Defense University; psychology at the National Autonomous University of Mexico; and creative writing at the School of Writers in Mexico City. He authored the book “The Enemy Inside: Armed Forces and Counterinsurgency in Mexico,” and has written chapters in several other books about national security issues.